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Way Up With the Waymasters


Hello America! Those of you who have been keeping up with our articles know that we are in the middle of a story where we are taking you with us on a weekend trip so you can experience just what it’s like to be out on the road with the Waymasters; an adventure that always seems to go as unexpected as humanly possible.


          To remind those of you where we are and to bring those of you who may have missed the first two articles up to speed, we’ll do a quick recap:


The band left Nashville, TN at 6 a.m. on Friday in order to play a show at the ICGMA Awards in Missouri with intentions of leaving that night to travel to Asheville, NC for another performance the following evening.  After our second performance at the ICGMA, we were stunned when we were called back on stage to receive the award for the 2015 ICGMA Bluegrass Artist of the Year.  We left off last time with the group standing on the stage, holding the award, staring out at the cheering crowd, shocked in every since of the word…


Tommy spoke the only words he could, “We are speechless. We were in no way expecting this!”


He went on to thank the appropriate parties and gave all the glory to God who has so richly blessed us in the last few years with amazing success on the Christian Country Gospel charts.


We walked off the stage to the sound of applause and in complete disbelief.  Once backstage we were greeted by a line of artists, shaking our hands and congratulating us on the prestigious honor.  


          We were scheduled to play another set during intermission at an area set aside in the booth section.  That’s the area where many of the artists had booths with CDs and information for the fans; the idea being that during intermission the fans would visit that area to meet and greet their favorite gospel artists, while some of them actually would be playing at the “mini stage” they had set up.


          Once intermission began the fans who wanted to stretch their legs ventured through the booths as we began to play.  It was set up to where the fans could literally walk just feet away from us as we were playing, with a few rows of seats set up to allow those who wanted a place to sit and enjoy whomever was playing.  It was exciting for the fans and fun for us, and once we finished our set, we quickly returned to our table where we were able to visit with all the wonderful people who truly love their Country Gospel music.  We signed pictures and CDs and stood with fans to have their pictures taken with us all the while laughing and enjoying the company of wonderful people of God.


          Once intermission was over, the crowd moved back inside the auditorium and we began to make preparations to pack up and get on the road for North Carolina.  This meant going back to the infamous locker room of shock and awe to change back into travel clothes, then packing up the CDs, guitars and gear, saying our goodbyes, and hitting the road.  By the time we did all this, it was pushing the 11 p.m. mark as we stood outside Sugar Bear discussing our strategy for departure.


          We had discussed setting up driving shifts on our way to Missouri for our all night drive.  Chewie had claimed first shift as he declared, “Once I get sleepy, I’m done! So I’ll go first.”  Having not eaten since lunch, we were already tired and hungry and ready to get started on our long trip.  We climbed aboard Sugar Bear and with Chewie at the helm we sped off into the night.


“How do I get out of here?” Chewie asked.


“You go up and turn right where we ate lunch and stay on that road.” Tommy responed.


With those instructions, Chewie turned at the red light and continued through town. The rest of the band watched out the windows as one by one every restaurant in town zipped past.


Darrell asked, “So I guess you didn’t want to eat at any of those places?”


Chewie seemed shocked, “Oh! Did ya’ll want to get something to eat?”


          After the band simultaneously reminded Chewie that we had just talked about food and made comments of disbelief and disappointment that we had just passed any hope of satisfying that basic need, he reassured his crew that, “I’m sure there’ll be something else up the road here.” …Famous last words.


          Everyone settled in for what could be a while before we found food. Tim was riding shotgun and had taken it upon himself to be the wingman of whoever was driving to help keep them awake.  This because Tim wanted no part of taking a driving shift of his own.  Tommy leaned back in one of the captain’s chairs while Darrell, having drawn the third shift of driving, laid down on the couch to try and get as much sleep as possible.  With everyone in their place, the ride was dark and quiet as the band cruised off into the balmy Missouri night.


           1 a.m. Chewie stopped in a small town somewhere in the middle of someplace, Illinois. He still can’t tell you to this day how he got there.


“Here we go boys! Told you there’d be something to eat on up the road!”


          The guys staggered out of the van to find ourselves at a Huddle House just off the main road.  There were no complaints as we walked into the 24 hour dinner, with either little or no sleep to show between us.  As you can see, life on the road is often unpredictable and never, and in this case, the need for food far outweighed the need for sleep, as we would soon learn, wise decision making.


          We discovered quickly that not every state has no smoking in restaurant laws like TN and NC; so we were surprised by the 1 a.m. smoke attack that we encountered as soon as we walked through the doors.  We found a table and was greeted by our waitress; a thin, mid-height woman in her mid to late twenty’s with several tattoos, straw like hair and evidence of a lifestyle that made her appear older than she actually was.  She had a big personality like many waitresses do who need work early morning hours in all night diners.  A string of “honey’s” and “darlin’s” was seamlessly interwoven into her speech as she asked for drink orders and moved us to a larger table to accommodate our anticipated sizable food order.


          As she moved around the table to take drink, she would lean over each member of the band as if to hear us better. Once the drink orders were completed, she hustled off while we were making our final food order decisions.  It was Darrell who finally pointed out a character trait of our server that he thought only applied to him.


“Chew,” he said. “I think I just got a chest bump from our waitress…”


“Me too!” Chewie replied, relieved that someone else had experienced the awkward moment.


“Me too!” echoed Tommy, thinking he was imagining the occurrence himself.


          “She did the same thing to me!” Tim opined, making the experience all inclusive for the band.  “I can say this for Huddle House, they sure are friendly!”


          Tim is an idiot.


          She returned with the drinks and then began to take food orders.  The guys had already decided they were getting the “Big House Breakfast Platter.” This consisted of all the usual breakfast goodies with a choice of biscuits and gravy or grits among them.


          As she moved around the table she would ask the guys one by one, “Would you like biscuits and gravy or GRITS?”


          Every time she would say the word “grits,” she said it with repulsion on her face and disgust in her voice.  This occurrence was not lost on Darrell who was the last of the guys to order, so when she repeated the line to him he asked, “Why do you say ‘grits’ like that?  Every time you say it you make this face.  Are they not any good or something?”


          “No, they’re fine.” She exclaimed. “But I ate grits every single morning for six years straight while I was in prison so I don’t care if I ever see grits again the rest of my life!”


          The table was deathly quiet.


          “I guess that explains it.” Darrell replied.


          She walked away and the guys lost it. You can’t make this stuff up.  


          Remember, you are the ones who wanted to know what it was like on the road with the band.  This is it; nonstop organized chaos with no hope of anticipating what’s going to happen next.  Here’s the thing…this trip was only half over!  And as we ate our “Big House Breakfast” (no pun intended) we thought we had hit our shocker moment for the trip…we couldn’t have been more wrong.


To be continued…








To be continued…

See you next time for "the rest of the story."

The Waymasters

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